Maria Valentine - Managing Director
Sue Wright - Senior Campaign & Event Manager
Kelly Draper - Internal Operations Director
Carrot, Apple with Ginger juice & kale, cucumber, lemon, apple with some parsley juice
Lucy Ewing - Senior Event Manager
Richard Borrett - IT Support
Becky Shore - Head of Business Development
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Louisa Vaughan - Head of Events
Yellow Fish Foosball team
Yfish loves coffee
Matt Sweet - Creative Director
David Adams - Creative Designer
Hayley Exon - Head of Communications
Abbie Rowland - Communications Manager
Lauren Spear - Office & Events Assistant
Jim Harrison - Web Developer
Jason Wilkinson - Creative Designer
Lucinda Kingsnorth - Events Manager
Think Tank neon sign
Carrot, Apple with Ginger juice & kale, cucumber, lemon, apple with some parsley juice
Ted Melhuish - Communications Administrator & Data Analyst
Phena Spicer - Accounts Assistant & Office Administrator
Stella Goodson - Account Director
Kirsty Spain - Business Development
Jody Jones - Event Executive
Yellow Fish Foosball team
Abby Reynolds - Senior Event Manager
Dave Badger - Junior Web Developer
Rachel Douglass - Event Manager

Maria Valentine.

Managing Director

Wow, it's hard to say in a few lines what I love most about this industry, my fish and Yellow Fish! With over 26 years in the game I've pretty much done it and seen it all! I'm hugely proud of what Yellow Fish stands for; a company that puts personal values and client relationships first, one that creates magic and fun every day and a fish that always goes the extra mile.

I'm a hippy chick at heart with a long list of loves that include my family, open spaces, sunshine, Ibiza, Africa, dancing in the sand, yoga, music and belly laughing!

Fun Fish Fact

I start every day with a raw veggie juice and finish it with a glass of wine…!

Sue Wright.

Senior Campaign & Events Manager

I love music, eating seafood and drinking wine in the sunshine! My working day starts with a cycle to work along Brighton & Hove seafront - what could be better than that?

I love my job and truly care about what I do. I have a strong work ethic and like to get the job done!

Fun Fish Fact

My great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather was a Viking - (I am proud to be half Finnish!)

Kelly Draper.

Internal Operations Director

I have been working in HR and Finance for the past 18 years ruling with an iron rod, but always with a smile! With an eagle eye for detail my role ensures our working processes maximise efficiency and value to the client.

Me? I like my daughter (very much), prosecco, food, travelling and most recently taking part in charity mud runs!

Fun Fish Fact

I once performed in the West End in front of Cameron Mackintosh.

Lucy Ewing.

Account Director

I love travelling and seeing new places so this is the perfect job for me. I love music, living in the countryside and hearing my toddler giggle!

Putting an incentive trip itinerary together and seeing the winners having the time of their lives is worth all the hard work. I couldn't imagine doing anything else.

Fun Fish Fact

I once had a photo shown on Timmy Mallet's Wacaday!

Richard Borrett.

I.T /Tech Support

It's official, I'm a techy geek! I support Yellow Fish in all things IT, software, hardware and AV. Rarely do I come out during the day but when I do, I love being part of such a dynamic and creative fish who are always wanting to push my boundaries. I love to travel in the real world as well as the techy one, experiencing new cultures and cuisine.

Fun Fish Fact

Shhh - I support several A listers with their IT; but can't give names! Oh, and I like dressing up as a troll!

Rebecca Shore.

Head of Business Development

You know that annoying person who smugly knows all the latest hotspots… that's me! To say I'm obsessed with travelling the world, finding the coolest restaurants, bars and hotels is an understatement.

I'm proud to say I love my job and the people I work with and I still get a huge buzz creating memorable experiences for our clients. Outside of work you will find me in a pub garden surrounded by friends and family planning my next adventure.

Fun Fish Fact

Amy Winehouse called me “a beaut” by the seafood bar at Gatwick Airport.

Louisa Vaughan.

Head of Events

I've been managing events for as long as I can remember and still love it as much as the day I started. My role is constantly challenging and is extremely varied & exciting, I'm so privileged to be able to combine my work with travelling & seeing the world!

I'm happiest when I'm with my family & friends and believe in living life to the full, you only get one shot.

Fun Fish Fact

I once hung out at Robbie Williams' house in LA and swam in his pool, I even went down his slide! ;)

Gaynor Gillam.

Business Development Support & Event Manager

I'm meticulous about my work, have a keen eye for detail and love getting a proposal 'just right'. If I've discovered a new venue that's not on the radar yet and it fits the brief perfectly, even better.

Living and working by the sea, my family, friends, eating out, barbecues on the beach, music, a good book, exercise, coffee, Jack Daniels, red wine and a sweet tooth... that's me in a nutshell.

Fun Fish Fact

At the age of 3, I accidentally set fire to my parents' bed one morning while they were still asleep!

Matt Sweet.

Creative Director

To be able to stretch my creative legs on a daily basis is just awesome. I love the science and thought process behind great design and relish opportunities to try something new and expand my creative world.

There is a real buzz in Brighton and I love to take 'mini lunch-break adventures' into the Lanes to explore the amazing music and vintage shops our seaside city has to offer.

Fun Fish Fact

My band once supported the band Texas to a crowd of over 3500!

David Adams.

Senior Creative Designer & Studio Coordinator

There's never a dull moment in the studio with fresh challenges to tackle. The artist in me throws out creativity, and my logical side comes in to tidy the job.

I enjoy the eclectic lifestyle of Brighton as well as the simple things, sipping a macchiato whilst oiling the beard and watching the world go by. Sinking a few craft beers after a week of creativity makes me smile.

Fun Fish Fact

I once hand illustrated a large stag mural on the wall during a live hip hop event in Reading.

Hayley Exon.

Head of Communications

Full of passion for all things communication and always an organiser. I like developing unique reward⁄recognition schemes for important folk and coming up with quirky copy and ideas on any campaign.

I'm an easy talker with a passion for meeting new people and generally having a natter! With a lot of love for Brighton, I generally get involved in what our city has to offer; mooching around the Lanes, sea swimming, running on the seafront and local events.

Fun Fish Fact

I don't like gin, I won't be swayed.

Abbie Rowland.

Communications Manager

When I was young, I wanted to be a dancer; sadly I soon realised I had no rhythm. Thankfully I'm a good communicator. Being positive and equally passionate with a calm approach, a thirst for knowledge and a need for organisation, the Comms team at YFish is the perfect fit.

Fun Fish Fact

I've never eaten an egg.

Lauren Spear.

Event Executive

I love that my role at Yellow Fish involves doing a bit of everything in and out of the office and I'm never doing the same thing.

Brighton, my hometown, is my favourite place and you'll catch me on the seafront most weekends, or out in town on a Saturday night... that's if I'm not lucky enough to be travelling with one of our amazing groups somewhere around the globe!

Fun Fish Fact

One of my ancestors was Dr William Harvey, who first discovered the circulation of blood!

Jim Harrison.

Web Developer

Since I was young I've always enjoyed solving puzzles and this has translated well into becoming a web developer.

Despite being a techy, I enjoy hitting the gym and cooking great food - those combined with coding means I never stop listening to music either.

Fun Fish Fact

I was once interviewed on TV and couldn't answer any questions properly. Embarrassing!

Jason Wilkinson.

Creative Designer

Working as a Creative Designer I’m lucky enough to be able to utilise a broad array of print and digital mediums to find a creative solution - all in one of the most inspirational and creative cities in the UK. Working with the support of such a close-knit team makes my role rewarding and exciting day-to-day.

I love to grab my longboard for the morning commute and enjoy the awesome music scene Brighton has to offer.

Fun Fish Fact

Over a 50+ year period my whole family (on and off) have worked at the same high-end hotel in the Cotswolds.

Lucinda Kingsnorth.

Event Manager

I may have broken many a finger in my amateur netballing career - but you'll still be in great hands when I'm looking after your event because I'm absolutely obsessed with being organised in the most efficient way possible.

I also love the bold, colourful & creative, both in my work - and in my earring⁄nail varnish collections!

Fun Fish Fact

I once took part in an ITV gameshow and ended up in the gunge tank - it took forever to get it out of my hair!

Ted Melhuish.

Communications Executive & Data Analyst

Originally sourced from Essex, I'm a data crunching, problem dissolver and I love being surrounded by the creative people at Yellow Fish who inspire me on a daily basis. Out of work you'll find me experimenting with world cuisines, playing video games or soaking up the exciting and varied nightlife of Brighton. For me, excitement lies on the road less travelled.

Fun Fish Fact

I once won a year's supply of Cheddar and ate it in 6 months.

Phena Spicer.

Accounts Assistant & Office Administrator

I thrive on being efficient and ensuring that the office needs are met. You will find me humming or singing along to the music playing in the background whilst crunching numbers.

I have a passion for singing in church, love dancing crazily in the kitchen with my two girls and strive to encourage others to do the best they can. “Kind words are like honey - sweet to the soul and healthy for the body” Proverb.

Fun Fish Fact

I used to be a maypole dancer !when I was 9)!

Stella Goodson.

Account Director

I never tire of the diversity and creativity that working in the events industry brings, it's a fascinating constant blend of education, people, places, ideas, design, concepts and points of view. Working in Brighton only adds to this - a fabulous but crazy place to be!

Fun Fish Fact

The National Trust once asked me to do a photographic shoot and photograph one of their stately homes to promote two rooms for wedding hire!

Kirsty Spain.

Business Development Support

I'm super nosey so keeping on top of the hottest destinations, trendy hotels & cool venues all over the world suits me perfectly! Starting my events career at YFish means I've learnt from the very best in the industry... that should earn me some brownie points! I fully understand the amount of planning and detailed organisation it takes to create a tip top event and in my business development role I can make sure that's implemented from the word go.

Fun Fish Fact

When I was eight years old I danced as a chicken with Wayne Sleep!

Jody Jones.

Event Executive

Getting to do a variety of weird and wonderful tasks as well as visiting amazing venues is fabulous. My desk might be messy, but my diary isn't and I love the fast paced nature of my job. My favourite part of the job has to be the diversity of events that I work on. When I'm not at work you can find me on the hockey pitch, or searching for exciting new places to eat.

Fun Fish Fact

I was featured in the Indian version of the Times Newspaper

Abby Reynolds.

Senior Event Manager

Logistics is part of my DNA - I have been dotting the i's and crossing the t's around the world for over 20 years! It's my passion and I love seeing and delivering a destination at its best. I never get complacent, in the last 3 months I have visited 7 countries (4 continents) to make sure we're delivering wowwy events. My ducks are always in a row unless I'm hanging out with my amazing family and friends, then it's time to relax.

Fun Fish Fact

I recently taught 30 Buddhist monks how to play connect 4 in the middle of the jungle without a word spoken

Dave Badger.

Web Developer

Web Development ties together my appreciation of great design and love of logical thought. It's a pleasure to be able to bring brilliant designs to life on a daily basis and work with likeminded creative people!

Fun Fish Fact

I've written and illustrated a rhyming children's story (which lasts exactly the same amount of time it takes my son to fall asleep...)

Rachel Douglass.

Event Manager

This industry amazes me every day. I love the fast pace, creativity and excitement that is involved and I can honestly say I look forward to each day. I love creating and delivering unforgettable experiences for our clients and outside of work I spend my time exploring, delving into delicious food and wine and spending as much time with my nearest and dearest as the weekends will allow.

Fun Fish Fact

My first job was on a farm in Surrey milking goats!