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Campaign & Roadshow.

A campaign for EE Customer Service lead generation staff offering the ultimate prize…

Incentive campaign & roadshow for EE Customer Service


Sales Through Service

Our clever fish communicated out to EE Customer Service lead generation staff with an exciting campaign and roadshow offering the ultimate prize.

Launching with a bang with an incredible first HTML open rate of 84% this campaign really excelled using a great concept and message. Think that’s impressive? It was just the beginning as our stats remained sky high throughout using impactful messaging to keep everyone engaged.

Our client successfully increased sales figures by 33% meaning a brilliant campaign ROI. The campaign focused on communication to Customer Service staff who then ensured good leads were passed through to Sales Teams. With monthly prizes and an award ceremony to recognise employees for their efforts, along with us hitting the road for a buzzing roadshow at all UK Contact Centres, everyone was on board with the hope to win one of our final prizes.

The activity ended with 2 lucky winners winning an incredible trip of a lifetime of their choice with their friends and family.

Check out what our client had to say:

“Yellow Fish took the time to understand our objectives and audience, then produced a visually stunning and engaging incentive campaign for our customer service audience.”

Speaking to the final winners to tell them they’d won was an absolute joy. We’re currently helping them choose and organise their trip of a lifetime. Can’t wait to see the pictures!

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