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The key to staff happiness & increased ROI.

Top ways to incentivise your people With 15 years in the business of reward…

Top ways to incentivise your people

With 15 years in the business of reward & recognition we know the tricks of the trade to inspire & motivate. Rewarding your staff, partners and clients have loads of benefits, including guaranteed ROI:

  • Driving behaviours
  • Loyalty
  • Inspiring engagement
  • Sales uplift
  • Lowered attrition
  • Team bonding
  • Happiness and more smiles in the office!
Incentive travel campaign

Incentive travel, an expensive jolly right?…Wrong! Analysis shows that target led campaigns which reward with travel incur the greatest uplift in sales, ROI and loyalty than any other reward mechanism. Therefore, effectively paying for itself! From a weekend ice racing in St Moritz to tuk tuk polo in Sri Lanka, the options and benefits are endless.

Incentive travel programmes can increase sales productivity by 18% and produce an ROI of 112%
Source: Incentive Research Foundation
Instant rewards

Rewarding staff on the spot with something that can be redeemed instantly gives an immediate boost. Using e-vouchers gives brilliant flexibility allowing the winner to choose something they have been lusting after! Why not reward with VIP tickets to an amazing gig, a comedy show or hospitality at an iconic event from Wimbledon to The Brits!

Team rewards

Rewarding a whole team generates a nice buzz of excitement and nurtures their team spirit. Why not reward employees with a track day to bring out their competitive nature, a beer festival or unleash their inner Bear Grills with a training day in the wilderness.

We’ve helped increase staff productivity for clients by 35% through reward and recognition campaigns and incentives
Source: Yellow Fish Research
Hype days

Bring some fun and energy when running a training day or launching a new product. Hype days are really effective at engaging staff while generating a buzz around a new product or launch. Why not include simple, yet fun games from a round of ‘Play Your Cards Right’ to instant prizes with a spin of the wheel for those who have completed their training!

Simple praise

Recognising employees for a job done well goes a long way. From a simple thank you to a structured recognition process, we know the value in recognising staff and making people feel good. Saying thank you can lead to a 35% increase in employee productivity.

Our clients have seen staff retention rates increase by an average of 15%
Source: Yellow Fish Research

Let us start rewarding the people that matter the most to you and put big smiles on their faces!

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