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7 steps to a successful sales campaign.

Take a look at our checklist of top campaign tips

A new year and new targets to hit? Are you feeling ‘here we go again, how do I keep driving my teams forward’?

We bet you’re busy enough without having to come up with ideas to drive sales and motivate your team right?

Hello, Yellow Fish! Check out our tips, sure to make your next sales campaign more engaging, more exciting and so rewarding that your teams won’t fail to be motivated to perform.

Give your campaign an identity

Employees are bombarded with information on a daily basis; you need to grab their attention and get them engaged from the outset. Create excitement and buzz for your sales drive with a bespoke identity that becomes identifiable for all future communication. The look & feel should represent your brand but also ignite immediate engagement and tease as to ‘what’s in it for them’. Incorporating creative design creates an exclusive feel while showcasing the incentive reward or objective from the outset.

Campaign Identity

The right reward

With over 20 years’ experience managing reward & recognition campaigns we know what works and what doesn’t. Ensure the carrot you dangle is appealing to the demographic – not just you! From quick win vouchers to product bundles or incentive travel, aligning your reward to the audience is essential to drive sales. Travel rewards still top it for us; bespoke experiences that last a lifetime are proven to increase ROI by as much as 118%. And don’t forget; if you increase sales and hit that target, any reward is essentially paying for itself!

Cape town reward


Don’t let them switch off before it’s begun! You’d be surprised at how many campaigns fail when unrealistic goals and targets are set. ‘Oh I’ll never win that’ is the common misconception if you don’t set a realistic reward structure in place. Let’s face it, the usual high achievers will always achieve and if others think ‘there’s no point me going for it as Dan is for sure going to win’ then you’ve switched the majority of your team off straight away. Don’t put the focus on the usual high achievers, you want to drive everyone to a % uplift and reward accordingly; it’s not a one size fits all! Take the time to put leagues in place, consider part-time workers, those not directly selling but are key to the performance of teams and of course team leaders and area managers; set rewards specific to them and the success of their teams to ensure they get behind the campaign and take accountability and ownership. YFish will work with you to create a reward mechanic that works for all.


Inform with a microsite

Ensure your teams have all the information and inspiration they need from the outset. We’ve seen the highest audience engagement of 97% when a microsite is created providing information at their fingertips and all in one place. From the mechanics to the T&C’s and rewards, use sleek pages and easy navigation to create a simple user experience through each phase of the campaign to maintain momentum. The YFish studio can provide bespoke solutions as well as templates that have been developed in-house; making it simple to re-wrap as a cost-effective solution. Microsites can be linked seamlessly to your internal platforms to maximise exposure.

Philips Incentive site

Communicate, communicate!

Don’t let your campaign go cold. You need to continually tease with campaign updates, surprise elements, bonus targets and reward details to ensure engagement. Share the love too; who’s top of the leader board, who’s nearly there – there’s nothing like healthy competition to keep them driving towards that target. Lack of communication and regular updates is the biggest failure to sales campaigns!

Getting creative

From digital, print, above and below the line – you need a powerful creative team behind you who bring ideas to life. However, it’s not just about pretty pictures; there is a science behind great comms! Where does the eye look first, what are the key touch points, what is the key messaging? The YFish studio won’t just make your comms look great, they analyse every piece of marketing for maximum impact and produce content and copy that is proven to work.

Keep an eye

It’s down to you to make sure your campaign is delivering. Don’t just set the wheels in motion and sit back hoping those sales will go through the roof! You need to monitor engagement; how many of your team are opening and reading comms, how many know what they have to do (you’d be surprised at this one!). Any campaign needs to be flexible enough to change as trends dictate.

Next time around you’ll be armed with all you need for an even better campaign and YFish will be right here to help you achieve it!

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