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Tank Time – The Gift of Giving

Yellow Fish have launched the Dive In Initiative during the season of giving! Throughout…

Yellow Fish have launched the Dive In Initiative during the season of giving!

Throughout the year the team will give the gift of time, supporting local and industry relevant projects which match the ethos of Yellow Fish. We’ve kicked things off with a week of festive volunteering at a variety of specially selected Brighton based projects which focus on supporting both the community and environment.

Check out what we have been up to!

The Real Junk Food Supermarket Hub

Feed bellies not bins! The Real Junk Food Project intercepts food waste destined for land fill and uses it to feed local people who need it, on a ‘pay as you feel’ basis. A whopping quarter of food produced globally is wasted. The UK as a whole creates an estimated 15 million tonnes of food waste every year.

Becky and Mia visited The Hub to help sort surplus supermarket food ready for the pay as you feel store and cafés. In just one delivery alone they sorted 388kg worth of food, that’s the equivalent of 2.5 reindeer’s in weight!

“The experience has totally changed how I shop and the value I give food”

Becky, Head of Business Development

The Real Junk Food Café

In the UK, 2 million people are estimated to be malnourished. The Real Junk Food Project takes food previously thought of us ‘surplus’ by supermarkets to feed people who may have otherwise gone hungry. On average the cafés located throughout Brighton turn 6 tonnes of food waste into 500 meals and week.

Floss, Clem, Lucinda and Rachel headed over to one of the project’s pop-up cafés to help prepare lunch. They served over 50 meals to local people from all walks of life, all making donations of what they can to keep the cause going.

“It felt great to be part of this community run project, coming together to help one another out whilst tackling food waste at the same time”

Clem, Junior Event Manager

Brighton Beach Clean

The Brighton coastline is precious to us, it’s a stone’s throw from our office after all! Around 10 million tonnes of rubbish are dumped into the sea every year. Having held a successful beach clean in 2018, this year we wanted to get back out there and do our bit to keep the coastline clean.

We had a big turn out from our in-house creative studio and finance team who ventured out, armed with litter pickers and Christmas cheer to scour our beautiful beach collecting everything from plastic bottles to soggy socks!

“It was great to directly feel like you’re combating the environmental crisis. However, it’s an equally saddening experience that proves we’ve still got a long way to go before we’ve addressed our plastic usage.”

Ted, Communications Manager

The Posh Club

The Posh Club was created to help older folks get out and have fun! Hundreds of thousands of elderly people are cut off from society in this country, especially those over the age of 75. According to Age UK, more than 2 million people in England over the age of 75 live alone. The Posh Club puts on a high tea at the Ritz style event specifically designed to reach those who might be struggling to stay active and connected to the community.

Kirsty, Ally & Ella spent the day getting to know some of Brighton’s golden oldies serving over 170 cups of tea and sharing some fabulous stories!

“The smiles were endless, from the minute guests step through the door there is such a buzz of excitement and joy from everyone. This is a true community project overflowing with passion and enthusiasm to make sure every guest has the most wonderful time!”

Kirsty, Business Development Manager

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