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Your Yellow Fish Guide to Virtual Events.

check out these easy to digest digital alternatives…

As we navigate these unchartered waters Yellow Fish continue to monitor the ongoing situation to remain a constant support to clients during such unforeseen times.

The is no denying the impact the situation is having on global events, but now is the time to evolve and think outside the tank to explore alternative engagement strategies if live events are not viable.

The award winning Yellow Fish creative and digital team are committed to helping our clients find tech driven solutions. Therefore, if you’re feeling the strain to deliver alternative solutions, check out these easy to digest digital alternatives we can provide.

Virtual Conferences - transforming your physical events into virtual experiences

Nothing will ever replace the real life event experience but whilst meeting in person isn’t currently an option, you can transform your physical conferences and events into virtual ones using video conferences platforms such as Zoom.

Virtual Expo – building a virtual 3D environment

Turn a physical event into a virtual, 3D experience so that conference or event attendees can explore and watch content within the virtual space. Delegates can watch virtual presentations and delve deeper with one to one Q&As to receive more tailored information. They can take part in ‘Meet the Expert’ breakout sessions and view key notes within the virtual expo.

Broadcasts & Podcasts – broadcasts to the world

Now is the time to keep the human presence alive in the virtual space. Taking the idea of the virtual conference one step further, YF can create broadcasts, podcasts or TED talks that your internal or external stakeholders can tune into.

Speaker Link Ups and Pre-Records – bringing your global audience together

Using existing technology our team can work with you to create virtual speaker link ups from different corners of the globe allowing live polling and conversations to take place in front of event attendees eyes.

It’s never been more important to keep talking and sharing so don’t hesitate to get in touch if we can help you take an event online.

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