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Brand Positioning, Identity and Marketing Strategy

Oxford Biomedica

The Challenge

To help well-established pharmaceutical brand Oxford Biomedica to stand out from the competition, with a new brand positioning, brand identity refresh and marketing strategy for 2022.

When Oxford Biomedica, a major player in the pharma space, appointed Yellow Fish to help reshape their B2B brand, we were thrilled to take on the challenge! As a rapidly growing business that is well established within the pharmaceutical world, they needed support in crafting their new business-to-business brand strategy and identity to sit alongside.

The Solution

We conducted comprehensive quantitative and qualitative research to gain market insights and test how well Oxford Biomedica’s current positioning and communications resonate with their audience. As part of our insight lead brand development, we created detailed pen portraits to inform our design. A full day’s brand workshop followed to take all these findings into a workshop setting with key stakeholders within the business.

From there we translated these insights into developing the look, feel and tone for brand, with its human side at the core. This was then factored into a full marketing strategy document and content calendar for 2022, which we’re utilising to create cut through content that delivers results for the brand.

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